Starch – filter unit

Filter unit Starch, intended for air filtration with starch materials. Compact design, designed for interior or exterior mounting. The filter is equipped with a centrifugal fan, high efficiency filter bags and a Puls Jet cleaning system. At the bottom of the filter there is a V extractor and a rotary extractor. The possibility of unloading … Continue reading Starch – filter unit


The injector is used for the transport of larger waste particles in pneumatic transport without the prior art TFI type rotary actuator. Advantages: -Transport of larger waste particles -stretching where the rotational release TFI is not adequate to exclude the fluid   ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

TFE – elevators

TFE-elevators specialize in vertical lifting of fine aggregates and minerals. Our TFE elevators is designed for low speed operation and is made of galvanized steel. The machines consist of the head and saddle parts that include rigidly mounted roller bearings such as the lower belt buckle, the variable number of fins, the middle cross-section of … Continue reading TFE – elevators


Duster is used for all types of powdered cargo, when it is used it eliminates the need for installing the suction filter. Duster works to direct the flow of powdered concentrations with a natural drop.     ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]


The latest generation of filter units uses cartridges as the main filter media. To meet all the requirements, it is necessary to clean the air, making sure that no contaminants enter the work area and cause poor working conditions, we use high quality cartridges. The air cleaning cartridges, thanks to the use of modern materials … Continue reading Cartridges

Valves and shuters

The switch is a device that, with its performance and function, allows routing the marbles in the desired direction. It is installed in gravity conveyor lines and pipelines in places where it is necessary to change the direction of movement of the material being transported. It is used for transporting grain, flour and chunks. Performance … Continue reading Valves and shuters

Flexible tubes

U ponudi imamo fleksibilne cijevi za široku primjenu bilo rukovanje zrakom, dimom, plinovima ili za transport u širokom rasponu agresivinh ili opasnih tekućina i krutina. Cijevi su izrađene od specifičnih spojeva prirodnih guma:NBN, Neopren, Vamac ®, Viton ®, silikon, a EPDM i ojačan tekstilom ili metalom, ovisno o njihovoj primjeni. Kompozitni i kombinirani materijali, zahvaljujući … Continue reading Flexible tubes

Pipelines and fittings

Tehno Filter d.o.o. u ponudi ima veliki spektar prateće opreme za industrijska odsisavanja, a neki od toga su: Cijevovodi (pocinčani i crni) Račve ( 2, 3 ili više ogranaka) Spojni elementi ( Anele, prirubnice) Koljena ( 90°, 60°, 45°, 30°) Redukcije Odsisne kutije Odsisne haube Ručne zaklopke (na lanac i regulirajuće) Giljotine Kutije za pometanje … Continue reading Pipelines and fittings

WF – Water filter

The WF series of water filters is primarily intended for potentially flammable and explosive activities, such as grinding, welding and cutting. The filters are completely made of stainless steel, with the implemented fan (db). Primary filtration takes place in a water tank where high-pressure flammable air-containing air is mixed with water and thus creates an … Continue reading WF – Water filter

Filter bags

We offer filter bags ready for installation, in different sizes, lengths and shapes, in different top and bottom versions, with welded and sewn stitches. Made of high-quality filter materials, such as: polyester nonwoven fibers that can be treated with antistatic powder, Nomex, Rayton, P84, polypropylene, acrylic, aramid. For various applications, we use finishing touches with … Continue reading Filter bags