About Us

The company Tehno filter Ltd was founded in 2006. and is privately owned. The company’s core business is designing, manufacturing and assembling aspiration systems in various industries. At the beginning of the business, the company dealt with the installation of aspiration systems abroad, Italy and Hungary.

Using the knowledge and experience gained through work in other countrys , a manufacturing plant in Belom Manastir where is being built where the production of equipment for aspiration systems begins:

-Water filters for dusting (wood industry, chemical industry, food industry)

-Rotation stops

-Centrifugal fans


-Switches and locks

-Body conveyors

-Tractor transporter


At the beginning of 2008, the company started a Pilot project of innovative character: a plant for the reception of cereals using out filters for aspiration , Belje d.d. Darda. The project has been successfully implemented by installing an air purifier with an automated dust handling process, as a media that was until then a virtually irresistible problem.

In order to raise the quality of business, in early 2008, the company introduced and applied a quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2000.
Investing in technology enhancement, vocational education and development of new products are the strategic determinants of this company, which need to ensure further growth and development in the coming years of business. It recognized the Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia and granted it a grant from the program of socio-economic recovery of the Republic of Croatia.

Tehno Filter is the winner of the Gold Kuna 2008 in the category of small companies in the Osijek-Baranja County.



9th of May 2009 in the category of small entrepreneurs, the company Tehno filter d.o.o. was awarded the Golden Gold Award for Successful Business and Contribution to the Croatian Economy as a whole in 2008.

The Croatian Chamber of Commerce, with a 157-year tradition of action, has awarded this award since 1993, when this distinction was designed to encourage the economy of the young Croatian state. Kuna is a symbol of endurance, resourcefulness, abundance and cunning, but also of well-being and fertility.

The candidate for getting this prestigious award becomes the exclusive business excellence that is valued based on the calculation of the established indicators. Successful running or winning the Golden Rage Award contributes to improving the company’s overall reputation and encouraging others to achieve the same success.


ISO 9001:2000

Tehno filter d.o.o. gained the ISO 9001 certification, which defines the quality management system, employer responsibility, resource management, product realization, measurement and analysis.

It proves the compliance of our company with the strict world standards of a quality business organization.

The ISO 9001 certification brings many benefits to both the company and its customers and business partners:

  • achieving and maintaining product quality – the customer enjoys the confidence that his / her product-related requirements will be fulfilled
  • ensuring customer trust in quality – the buyer is confident that the same quality of the product or service will be obtained each time he or she works with the company
  • increase employee motivation – the satisfaction of the company’s employees who compete competitively in accordance with international contemporary standards
  • cost reductions – reduces product warranty risk, technical control costs, refinement and unbalanced products, and new employees get faster and easier to work on a distinctive feature than competition – certification under the requirements of the standard becomes a necessary precondition for business co-operation with many state , public and private organizations.


Professional program solutions – investment in quality and innovation

Program solutions that are used in companies bring certain advantages over the competition because in a lesser time period, the program provides data on which the developers can improve the product  in order to have the highest quality of the final product.

Solid works is a software solution used by our engineers and technicians to perform demanding calculations that tell us which elements to use to ensure that each filter device meets the requirements of the customer. Using advanced simulators, we can know if our devices will work when we develop them and let them run.

Creating a 3D model of each device is a basic point with the calculations that are needed to ensure development and high quality so we can meet high level standards and certification.

Draft Sight is a program solution that we use only when we want to make a quick 2D draft.

Eplan electric P8 – the world’s leading software package offers unlimited possibilities for electroprojectors in the design phase of electric diagrams and accompanying project documentation. Part of the extensive documentation system is the automatic generation of detailed reports based on power schemas, enabling the next phases of the project such as generating, assembling, commissioning and servicing with the necessary data. Technical data from other project areas can be exchanged through CAE software interfaces, thus ensuring consistency and integration throughout the product development process.

Vanado is a company that has developed the Program’s solution Pauk – a smart management system for real-time production, in direct contact with the material and raw material warehouse, primarily intended for manufacturing plants.

In classical ERP (Resource Management) systems whose features complexity and comprehensiveness focus on collecting financial data.

A system that combines information, ideas and technology enables maximum visibility and control of the entire production in real time, anytime, wherever they are.


Professional staff – investment in training

By advancing technology  creating new ones that provide simplification and better quality solutions are our main strength to create new products. To overcome new technologies and knowledge, our team of highly educated, sales, marketing, development and financial professionals are sent to additional education, conferences, and meetings each year in order to be in the trend with new technologies and innovations that enable us to better develop and improve our quality and production. We believe that satisfied and educated employees are the greatest strength of any company that wants to expand and grow.



Cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Slavonski Brod

 Tehno-filter is very proud to have cooperated with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Slavonski Brod, since we appreciate and love to assist in educating young experts in the field of mechanical engineering. We are extremely pleased that Mr. Matej Mandić has decided to write the final work on “Design and calculation of cylindrical industrial air filter unit using CFD analysis “together with his mentor prof. dr. sc. Dražan Kozak where  excellent co-operation has been achieved in providing all the relevant information required for writing the work and the design of the filter unit. The result of the joint cooperation of our employees and Mr. Mandic is the creation of a filter unit. We are still open and our door will always be open for future cooperation.

Look this work:

Final work – Matej Mandić

HKIS – The modern development of industrial components of the filter device